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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 17, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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thursday through saturday and it will be a tribute to sinatra, great american songbook and american. it's good to have you here. special hour of "lou dobbs tonight" begins at 9:00 p.m., donald trump speech. goodnight.
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kennedy: donald trump is worried about her coughing fits. good job. it's not her physical health that scares me. i think having two near septegenarians is the question. >> i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. kennedy: god, i miss him. john mccain sent over 1,000 pages of medical records to
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prove was up to the job. hillary is suffering from brain and leg clots, according to her doctor's report. i question whether anyone who has such an easy time lying deserves to be president. >> nothing was marngd or received classified. there was nothing marked anything classified on my email sent or received. >> there was classified emails. kennedy: only six people were convicted of perjuring themselves in front of congress since 1948. and four of them were from watergate. the best thing to do is keep having the conversation about the smarmy slush funds that is the clinton foundation,ed the
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non-charity that served as a power filled ware house for the lusty clintons. if rabid republicans stay patient, they can snare her in that net. but they will blow their wad if they once again jump the gun, and you know they will. antonio sabato tells me about his repercussions for speak at rnc. i'm kennedy. can a doctor's report give a clean bill of health to hillary clinton's moral compass? katie pavlich and she is joined
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by joe devito and also the co-host of red eye, andy levy. one of our favorites. lots to dive into. katie, you say the public has a right to know what hillary clinton is suffering from. do you think she has some weird ailment? >> i'm not going to say she has a weird ailment. but will say she probably has an obligation to release her medical records like donald trump has an obligation to release his tax returns. she is 68 years old. the american people have a right to know what the health status of the person they are voting for to make decisions for the country that will affect their lives and the rest of the world. but we should stay away from any conspiracy theories about her health. kennedy: they are all over the place. a lot of people who don't know what they are talking about say you can't diagnose someone you
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have never seen. their personal physicians put out glowing reports and a lot of doctors are saying maybe we should have an identify significance or panel of physicians take a look at these people. i say why stop there. i think they should have psychological evaluations as well. i'm not kidding. >> i think they should be live streaming the examination. and we should all have to watch them. that would insure we would never vote for anyone for president. which is how it should be. this stuff about her being physically unfit beyond evidence it reeks of desperation on trump and from his supporters. and it's getting to an alice jones area level write expect the term crisis actor to be dropped into the conversation. >> everyone is an armchair
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doctor when it comes to not liking a politician. but you agree with me for pathological lying it's the worse part. >> i'm not a doctor though i will do the exams just for fun. >> ion't think it's ever a bad idea to tune-up. she is saying weird things because she is a chronic liar and it's not in her interest -- was she having mental problems when she was dodging bullets in bosnia? it's what she does. to think they act like mccain would be the curse of the mummy, he was two years older than she'll be if she gets the presidency. >> we could have nominated marco rubio who is 45.
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kennedy: paul ryan does p90x. house republicans unsuccessfully petitions the justice department to open a criminal probe against hillary clinton over statements under oath. today they are calling for the doj to file perjury charges against her. haven't we been down this road before snf? >> she has been lying about her emails, she has been lying about the servers. everyone knows this. even the most hard cover her supporters not. deep down where it counts they know it. it has been even more clear since director comey issued his report. the problem is, the republicans found the one candidate who makes it so none of this matters.
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it's unbelievable how they managed to do this. i used to say trump's only chance of wing is if clinton got indicted. kennedy: is the momentum too great for donald trump to overcome? and how could she have created that? >> the system is not set to catch hillary clinton. nnedy: you, bernie sanders and donald trump say the system is rigged? >> of course the system is rigged. the thing with hillary. she is so powered by lying, if she tells truth now, that's what's going to screw her up. i wouldn't be surprised if she said i was never secretary of state. bill clinton, who is that guy? kennedy: is there anything they can do? i say go after the clinton foundation. take your time. be patients. it won't happen before the election. but i think there is something
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there. >> i think this should be looked at through a non-political lens. hillary clinton either lied to the f.b.i. or lied to congress. we want to hold her to the same standard we would hold anybody else, including professional bay ball players. i think it's important to acknowledge they are doing their job. we may not see political results of that. obviously perjury is a difficult charge 0 prove. if after everything james comey laid out isn't going to get her indicted this won't either. but it is important that they do their jobs as chairmen of these committees that are responsible. kennedy: she should have asked her about her steroid use. the party panel returns a little later.
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an olympian shooter warns her sport is in danger. first, are interest rates going up soon? and will that have a deleterious effect on the market? peter barnes had a conversation
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kennedy: peter barnes stat down with me for an interview with the new york federal reserve president who hinted a rate hike is still on the table for september, which is just next month. here is what william dudley told peter barnes. >> we'll have to see where the data falls and where we are in terms of the broad supports for the economy. i think the economy is in okay shape. the consumption is doing pretty well. job gains are pretty sturdy. but in gent economy will be better in the second half than it was in the first half. the labor market will continue to tighten. and we'll have to snug up interest rates a little bit. kennedy: snug up sound so cute. >> i'm so excited i'm doing a fed segment on your show. i didn't know much you love the fed.
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kennedy: i can't stand the fed. get rid of the governors and the board and all the people who collude with the central banking. reporter: ain't happening. kennedy: when you go into an interview like this, you know it's going to make news. are you trying to get a gotcha moment where you try to get one of these governors to admit they are going to hike rates sooner rather than later? >> i do. this member has been talking about complacency about higher interest rates. if you look at the futures market, the futures market is forecasting 1/4 point increase in short-term interest rates. by the end of next year. they are thinking if the market aren't prepared for a rate hike
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and we do it and it surprises them, yikes, crash. end of the world. it's trying to send signals and pull those expectations in a little bit. we have had some good jobs report lately. inflation is starting to inch up. all the things the fed is trying to accomplish is starting to happen. >> these are artificial forces acting on the market. what i want to know, you have got presidents. you have got the board. you have got the fed chair all sitting around. what are they more worried about, having an effect on the elect and maybe raising right after the elect or having an effect on the market? >> they are worried about not being able to come on your show and talk about it. i did ask bill dudley about the election. conventional wisdom is the fed will not hike it rates going into a presidential elect because they don't want to be
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seen as help one side or another. but if you don't hike rates, maybe that helps one side and not the other. bill dudley says we focus on economic data, we don't look at politics. i researched this. it turns out they have increased interest rates going into presidential elects. 1988, 2004. they did it in 1999. so that is kind of a little bit of a old folk tale. kennedy: will it strengthen the dollar if they raise rates? >> yes. the dollar is another kind of investment. if people want to invest in the dollar and get a return on it. they can get a higher interest rate buying the dollar, that drives up the price. kennedy: we cut it, you printed it. peter barnes, thank you for your
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time. >> can i come back soon please? kennedy: can he independent candidate ed mcmullen sop up republicans discontented with donald trump. and are republicans in holloo subject to reprisals for being donald trump?
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kennedy: listen to that glorious music. earlier today nearly 120 republicans sent a letter to reince priebus to urge him to
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drop his support of the trump candidacy. they are rallying around ed mcmullen. he's launched an independent presidential bid. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. we have had a great week. kennedy: i love how all presidential candidates use the royal "we." you are struggling to get on ballots. how many have you gone the on so far? >> in the first few days we got on to colorado, and utah, in only a week. the independent party minnesota nominated me. and we are close in iowa and a number of other states. we are moving quickly. kennedy: you are running out of time. >> we still have 2 1/2 months and we are adding state quickly.
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kennedy: the never trump movement has been struggling to find someone to go up against donald trump. this is the strangest presidential elect cycle anyone i have talked to has er en. you have two candidates with enormous unfavorable ratings and untrustworthiness. you are a mormon kid, you went to byu. you spent 10 years in the cia. you worked for the gop, and now, you want to be the president. you said something that's very interesting to me. you want to get government out of the way which as a libertarian that's music to my ears. my question is why should i vote for you, an unknown quantity when i can vote for the libertarian candidate who is polling well in utah. >> i don't think gary johnson understands religious liberty that well.
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that was one of the founding concepts of this nation. he suffered recently as a result of his comments. that was before i even entered the race. now i'm in it and we'll make the case to the people of utah. for a libertarian and for a candidate in utah the religious liberty is very important. it is for so many other people in this country. any presidential candidate in the united states should understand religious liberty and its importance. kennedy: why do you hate donald trump so much. >> i wouldn't use the word hate. kennedy: you despise him as much as you love freedom. how much do you love freedom? >> i love freedom more than i love myself. more than i love my life. i think donalds a threat to democracy. he's dividing our country along
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religious and racial lines. he misrepresented who he was. and he took advantage of a lot of people's struggles. he exploited people's struggles and combined them with people's darkest prejudices and deepest fears which he brought to light. he tried to make those bigger and fuel those flames. and he did that in the primary on the republican side. it was very fragmented. there were 16 or 17 candidates. so all of the opposition to trump was spread out over all the candidates and he was able to galvanize the small majority that supported him. kennedy: look at the people he dispatched. governors, senators, titans of industry. >> a lot of them are regretting their decision because it's embarrassing. kennedy: why should people vote
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for you when none of them could prevail. >> i'm the only one in this race who has direct experience fighting terrorism. i'm the only one. i'm the only one who has don't and knows from day one how to deal with this threat we face. the other thing i would say -- kennedy: would you abolish the fed? >> i wouldn't abolish the fed. kennedy: would you abolish the department of education. >> no, but i would decrease the size of the federal government. there is too much power in washington. kennedy: would you cut entitlements. >> i would reform entitlements. we are spending too much. our debt is too huge. our deficit is too large. we need to push power power back to the people. kennedy: how do you service the debt? >> you reform entitlements, you push power back to the states.
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also you have key -- you need key economic growth policies that will allow the economy to grow and allow us all to have resources that allows the government to pay down some of its debt as well. we are in the way of business with regulations. kennedy:oo much regulation and too much spending. >> a tax code that's 30 years old. kennedy: on its way to a mid life crisis. are you going to be the next president of the united states? >> we are in this to win this. it's late. but we didn't intend for this to be what would happen. we are talking to a range of people. kennedy: chris christy? >> no. if you aligned with trump you are off the list. kennedy: thank you very much for coming by. kennedy: you sounds very libertarian. i'm very torn at this point. >> you should be because i think
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kennedy: when your ten-gallon hat is 5 gallons flat, you hanker for news. how does calf roping -- how does a calf roping aspiring rodeo star and third generation texan roll into taco bell? on a horse of course. he said the drive-thru was closed. so he moseyed in on his trusty
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seed. watch. [laughter] kennedy: it's obvious. what do racehorses eat? fast food. you can go ahead and use that one. or just send me hate mail. topic number two. cats are usually a very negative thing. but sometimes one cat can cancel out the evil of another. watch the top left corner of this video. >> hey, hey. >> gracias, tiger.
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cats are the only species on the planet that become exponentially worse the smaller they get. even so, a cat of any size is a tigress. i will never forget the time one climbed into my backyard. look that that bloodthirsty rhythmically challenged tiger. it danced there for two hours before i show it with a pistol. there are six dead tigers buried in the abandoned quarry behind my house. if you need further proof god invented weed, sample the final product before going into the marine laboratory. watch this footage from a research vessel as the folks on board struggle with what exactly
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they found. it's a googly eyed freak-droid. >> it looks so fake. it's like some little kid dropped their toy. kennedy: i like to think it's a cuddle fish, because those are the snugglest of all. wink, topic number 4. this year while all the the olympic athletes were bringsy getting medals and dysentery. norwegians were holding their own championships in belly flopping.
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bead hold death diving when it's translated in whatever viking language they speak over there. they blast their tummies with an aquatic wall of pain. that hurts just look at it. that may seem crazy, but at least they finally moved it to the summer games. remember when they used to do it in winter? oh, did you deserve that? thank you, darwin. i can hear this pelvis crack from here. you know that feeling when you get it of the car, you are driving at a stoplight then the car runs you over? of course you don't, because that could never happen, right? no. no. first after, the woman in this video walked away uninjured. that's the most important thing
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you have got to know. she just got ran over by her own car. it's reported she got out to check the gas cap and forgot to put the car in park. we all know what's really happening. it's the beginning of the robot uprising. it's finally here and cars are leading the pack. they have been taken over my droids. we had to stop the video not to show you the blood. if you have weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm." you better believe i want to join in on your party. find me in the same handle on instagram.
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use #topicalstorm. a skeet shooter sounds the alarm over gun control regulations she says can smother her sport. antonio sabato, jr. joins me to
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kennedy: the first woman ever to win olympic medals at six straight games. but she says she is worried gun control legislation could damage access to the sport she loves. she cited new laws in california that make it difficult for her to ship ammunition between her home and her matches or pass gun heirlooms on to family members. katie, i'll start with you.
12:40 am
do you think that the shooters are being ignored at the olympics, even though they have had great performances? >> it's amazing to watch. but olympic shooting, usa shooting is something that should be celebrated and yet they are being ignored. kim rhody is a class act and believe in her sport. not only is her sport being ignored, but politicians are making it increasingly more difficult for people like her to participate in their sport. it's ridiculous. when they argue they are trying to fight gun violence. people like kim rhody aren't committing begun violence. she says in this interview, she shoots 500-1,000 round per day. that's what it takes to be a champion.
12:41 am
but people like governor jerry brown in california won't allow that. kennedy: but you are going to take the contrarian approach. >> it's not fully a contrarian approach. the california gun laws are overly restrictive and most of them are not going to really do anything to lower crime rates. they will just make the people who pass them feel good about themselves. of all the reasons to oppose gun laws, i don't think olympic sport is a battle cry. kennedy: we were talking about all those filthy microbes and waterways. >> if you want to be an olympic shooter, live in texas.
12:42 am
kennedy: the mayor cab can heart association raised concerns that prolonged heart disease and diabetes. the number of sedentary jobs has risen dramatically since the 1960s where men and women used to go out into the fields and factories and the mines and toil for their paycheck. now everyone is sitting around playing poke he man. d playing pokemon. >> sitting is very bad. you can't encounter act it with exercise. and ernest hemingway wrote at a standing desk and thing worked out for him. >> i think this is why you are seeing the explosion of the standup desk companies and
12:43 am
people wanting to know what their progress is throughout the day. i have an i watch that tells to you stand throughout the hour. people get consumed in your work. but one thing that's inconsistent. you have to walk to play pokemon. you can't sit. people are leg longer than they have before. the life expectancy rate is much longer now. kennedy: people who stand up at work are annoying, correct? >> -- uh ... they are saying the evidence is suggestive and not conclusive. i will stand up when the evidence is conclusive and not one second more. kennedy: suggestive is the dress i wore to my senior prom. thank you guys. coming up, i'm going to talk to antonio sabato, jr. about this
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kennedy: welcome back. antonio sabato, jr. spoke at the republican national convention in favor of donald trump. he says the backlash from hollywood has been swift and vick deck tough. welcome to the show, antonio, good to see you. >> nice to see you, girl. you are millions of miles away in los angeles. you say it's been hard for you
12:48 am
since the rnc. has it been more difficult than before you came out so publicly in favor of donald trump? >> it's been a little bit of both. it's been a hell of a ride. i have met a lot of people true to this country. patriots that love this nation more than anything. they are talking about something that's passionate to me regardless of my career. i feel i'm doing the right thing. kennedy: how do you soldier on. you said you had jobs lined up for late summer and after the rnc they were no longer there. what do you do now? >> i met a lot of people who were happy that i came out and talked about thing that they wish they could talk about. but they would rather not. i'm going to keep working. i have been in this business for 30 years. i'm not going to leave it. it's unfortunate if people just want to give you jobs depending
12:49 am
on your politic. and that's not the way it's supposed to be. this is the greatest country in the world. we shouldn't be doing that. kennedy: i think you are right. there is such a collective -- a political collective in los angeles and film and tv, and especially in music. and you are taught to think one way and fall in line with that group or else you certainly professionally suffer. have you reached out to donald trump to see if there is room for yofor for you in the campai? they are raising -- raising scads of cash. >> i'm in contact with the campaign. whatever i can to get this guy in the white house, little or small, i mean, just whatever i can, i will do. i'm passionate about it. i think he's going to win november. we have to keep on track and
12:50 am
keep talking about issues important to this country. and there are certain thing we need to fix and we need to hurry up andific those things really fast. kennedy: or it will be a continuation of the obama presidency, a third obama term, certainly according to people who follow donald trump. let's talk about his immigration policies. you came to this country from italy when you were 11 years old. you talk about people in this nation to were bags that about freedom. i think you will find no more of a passionate group than from immigrants who fought and struggled to make their way to this part of the country. would you deport 11 million people who are here who didn't take the same legal course you did when you were a kid? >> it's a tough subject. if you are here illegally. if you didn't come here with the right papers, yo you should be t back. if something is illegal, i guess
12:51 am
there is something wrong with the law, right? we should build that wall, protect our nation. there are certain neighborhoods in los angeles which are occupied by a lot of people from south america. they are forming gangs. they are living here, and the government pays them. they are getting more than what you and i are getting and we are paying our taxes. so that's not fair. we need to -- people that are here illegally should be sent back. no question about it. kennedy: people breaking laws should be in jail. it's not just people coming from central and south america who are forming gangs. there are a lot of people born here who are doing the same thing. if you have parents who came in illegally and they have kids here, would you deport the parents? >> that's tough. i'm not a politician. i'm just trying to do the right thing for this country. if you are here you should be paying your taxes. that's a tough subject. but at the same time we should follow the laws.
12:52 am
this country is great for that. we have the greatest laws in the world. if you are not complying with the law, there will be repercussions. kennedy: i was fortunate enough to be on a sitcom with you, and i know how hard work and dedicated you are. anyone who doesn't see that is out of their mind crazy. if you need a reference, have them call me, an grown. >> you are the best. thank you so as much. appreciate it. kennedy: coming up, the best way to uncover what happens in prison. i'll talk to one woman who spent 0 days in jail. she chose to go there and her surprising revelation. that's coming up. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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kennedy: the reality series follows every day americans who voluntarily go behind bars. it's a normal prison life. other inmates and guards have no idea they are there undercover. the creator of the program, and mona lisa. she is one of 8 volunteers high pressure filtrated indiana's clark county jail. you shot two seasons before the season one premiere. what was your ultimate goal in creating this show. >> to get the feedback we needed to improve the jail.
12:57 am
you get street-level drugs easier and cheaper in jail it's problems over years. kennedy: corrupt guards? >> a little bit of that. my thought process was if we use undercover police officers or corrections we would get to see some of the criminal stuff. but i wanted to go a step beyond that to see how we can improve from an inmate's stands point. kennedy: it takes a brave person to go inside for 60 days. the show survivor is only on for 39 days. mona lisa, you went in because your daughter is serving a 10-year prison sentence for armed robbery and you a wanted to do it for her. >> i needed to understand her pain and what she was living every single day. i had to know it for myself. not just hear about it, read about it, and watch tv.
12:58 am
>> yours is the voice we hear. what shocked you most first day you were in? >> definitely the living conditions. the way the jail was extremely dirty. and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in 20-30 years. that is what shocked me the most. kennedy: you say five of the prison guards were fired, four resigned. how much has the show changed what's going on in your jail? >> tremendously. for me the biggest learning process is when the inmates were out and we debriefed them. there was such a short amount of time between season one and two that i'm still learning. i'm taking notes sometimes when i'm watching the episode at home. oftentimes the people at the clark county jail are not happy with me because friday morning was just a reminder of all we have to do to improve.
12:59 am
kennedy: are you a changed person because of it? >> i am definitely not the same. that was one of my daughter's chief complaints. i haven't had it easy since i came out. but now that i note truth, i feel i'm a strong voice to correct the truth. cern how is your daughter. >> good and bad. cern how much longer does she have? >> she has 6 years and this her second year of college. kennedy: what an interesting experiment this has been for you. hopefully a lot of sheriffs across the country loo will look at this. thank you for watching the show tonight.
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